The Great Callaway Putter Heist

A True Story About America's Ongoing Billion Dollar Sports Scandal

Invention Theft: An American Scandal
Cornering Callaway
Cornering Callaway


The Great Callaway Putter Heist: A True Story of Corporate Greed and Corruption in the World of Golf describes how PGA Professional Clark Collins, and his business partner, got caught up in a perfect storm between a corrupt company and their own corrupt lawyers. The world's largest golf company committed grand theft when it stole Clark Collins' Perfect Putter invention. That grand theft, which is ongoing, has translated into more than a billion dollars in sales, hundreds of millions in profits, and accolades for the company.

This exposé of the greatest scandal in golf history, credits the actual inventor of the putter that revolutionized golf, and spotlights invention theft as an American scandal. Collins' interactions with numerous PGA Professionals, golf icons like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Ely Callaway provide colorful insights into their lives. It also adds a revealing, but disturbing chapter to the otherwise "pristine" history of golf.

Clark's David versus Goliath story is a tribute to his grit and tenacity to hold the bad guys accountable for their arrogance and criminal behavior. His trials and tribulations to bring forth his putter invention and his intense journey for justice will appeal to millions of golf and sports enthusiasts; plaintiff and defense attorneys; business and law students and professors; and everyone concerned with curtailing unbridled corporate greed and crime.

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Clark E. Collins and Arnold Palmer

"Clark, this Putter Should be Illegal, it's that good!"

— Arnold Palmer —

Excerpt from Book

"It was now late January of 1996, and at the Bay Hill Club, patrons in the restaurant were gawking out of the 8 by 10 foot windows. All eyes were wide open with amazement.

"'He's making putt after putt,' they kept mumbling in disbelief.

"'Those people he's with are certainly helping him,' said one of the waitresses.

"Arnold Palmer could not miss. From eight feet and closer, he was making every putt, about 40 in a row as they counted.

"Palmer himself was giddy at his newfound ability to make an eight foot putt over and over and refused to move off the putting green for a scheduled photo shoot. His appointment with a Canadian film crew would just have to wait....

"I had known Arnold for over 20 years — going back to the days of walking along with him on the fairways at the Masters in 1964...Having a private lunch with Arnold Palmer was like having lunch with a king, and in a way he was. I thought it was humorous that most of the other patrons in the restaurant were keeping their eyes on Arnold's table while trying to eat at the same time. I wondered if they were thinking, 'Who are those people with Arnold?' I chuckled. Maybe they thought we were important. I could see Arnold thought so...'May as well savor this moment,' I thought."

Callway vs. Book: War of Words

As described in the War of Words section, Callaway Golf Vice President/CFO Brian Lynch responded to a letter from Corporate Campaign Director Ray Rogers addressed to him and Callaway's President/CEO Oliver Brewer. Mr. Lynch claimed, "There was no such theft and the allegations are untrue and defamatory..."

Author Clark Collins responded in a June 18, 2019 letter to CEO Oliver Brewer and Brian Lynch stating: "Mr. Lynch's May 28, 2019 letter asserts that my book includes 'untrue allegations' and 'factually incorrect and misleading statements.' Please identify those allegations and statements. The intention of Mr. Rogers' publishing the book and campaigning are to tell the story of how Callaway stole my invention accurately and fairly and to put an end to such criminal behavior which the book's back cover highlights as "An American Scandal." Mr. Rogers will certainly correct any untrue allegations and factually incorrect or misleading statements if you identify them."

After Callaway General Counsel Sarah Kim threatened legal action against Mr. Rogers and Mr. Collins in an August 1, 2019 letter, she was informed on August 5th that Mr. Rogers would halt publication of the book if Callaway convinces him that Callaway is responsible for the invention and functionality of the Perfect Putter/2 Ball Putter; that Callaway's gift of $200,000 in free golf equipment to plaintiffs' attorney Willie Gary was not a bribe; and that Callaway did not commit fraud on the court during depositions of Callaway representatives and "expert" witnesses who provided false evidence and committed perjury in their efforts to deceive the court.

Richie Bassett

"Follow Clark as he invents and produces a wonderful new putter that revolutionized the golf world."

Richard Bassett ,
PGA Professional

Endorsement from Richard Bassett

Clark Collins, as trusting as he is, has shown that big business and elite lawyers are often unscrupulous in their negotiations. Fair dealing is not in their lexicon.

Clark was sold down the river by a conspiracy between top officers of Callaway Golf, and even worse, by his own lawyers! Unfortunately, such reprehensible behavior is prevalent throughout the business world. Stories of products being reverse engineered and patents and trade secrets being stolen are commonplace. Clark discovered how corrupt companies operate and how a company's deep pockets render it nearly impossible to ever get a jury trial.

Follow Clark as he invents and produces a wonderful new putter that revolutionized the golf world. See him make a handshake deal with the president of Callaway Golf, and after several years of effort, get buried by a corrupt company.

It is hard to believe that these people can live with themselves.

Clark E. Collins

"His career started early working for his father, one of the original founders of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA)."

Henry Young,
PGA Professional

About Clark E. Collins

Clark Collins is not your typical PGA golf professional. To say that he is would be like saying Jim Furyk has a typical golf swing or Arnold Palmer was a typical PGA tour player.

Now at age 77, Clark, a three-time cancer survivor, consistently shoots scores well below his age. His career started early working for his father, one of the original founders of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA). He was a playing professional in the mid-sixties at the prestigious Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle, New York and helped design and build the North Salem Golf Club in North Salem, New York. Before moving to Florida, he was the Head Golf Professional at the Country Club of Darien in Darien, Connecticut.

As a young player, he tied the original course record at Pebble Beach with a 65 in tournament play. He also shot 63 at the PGA East Course now called BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, site of the 1971 PGA Championship, and holds two other course records. He also had an outstanding record in S-2 Combat Intelligence while serving in the Marine Corps.

Clark is also an accomplished artist. He constructed a large boat storage Marina completely unassisted driving in over 116 pylons into bedrock and designed and built a golf learning center in Stuart, Florida. Later he designed and built a one of a kind car from scratch viewed in the Bugatti, Aston Martin, Bentley price range. His Perfect Putter invention is just another part of his love for tinkering, creating and building.

— Henry Young, PGA Professional —

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